Data networks (Switching and Routing Solutions) - Whether you are redesigning your network or building a new IT infrastructure, our experts employ advanced routing and switching technologies to ensure the efficiency of your network infrastructure. Streamlined network traffic connections support easier management – as well as the critical high availability, performance, and scalability of your network infrastructure.
WiFi Solutions - We are helping you to provide the best wireless solutions for more agility, more productive employees and more satisfied customers.
WAN Optimisation - WAN optimization devices look to speed up an extensive selection of applications utilized by distributed company customers by way of getting rid of unnecessary transmissions, setting up information in local caches, compressing as well as showing priority for data, and also streamlining chatty standards.
IP-TV - IPTV solution provides all the pieces needed to deploy a complete IPTV solution including true streaming of limitless live TV channels and unlimited number of on demand videos
Storage Solutions - Enterprise demand high quality storage medium that has enough memory storage to hold all of the businesses data, in addition to high reliability due to the importance of data in a large scale organisation.
Industrial Handhelds - Industrial handheld readers are data collection's definitive example of ruggedness and durability. This products rise above the fray with their outstanding performance and unyielding reliability.