Hybrid IP / TDM Corporate Telephony - TND Team Solutions helps its partners to define the best means of communication in their company to improve its operations. Our task is to offer a reliable solution, the leading manufacturers, quality implementation and maintenance ensure that corporate communication is reliable, high-quality and cost-effective.

Unified Communication Services - No longer just enough to communicate within your companies using traditional telephony, but our way of doing business forces that we need to be in touch with all the necessary resources both in the office and when you're on the move. Unified Communication services allow us to at all times, using all the devices that are available to us, such as smartphones, tablets or PCs, we are always available for a phone call, video call, chatting, or to listen to the voice mail to the fact that while walking quickly organize an audio / video conference and during it share important documents. TND TeamSolutions is a partner you can rely on each company to design and implement such a solution, which would be the safest and most optimal to allow this type of communication.

Contact Center Solutions - Every contact center in order to provide quality, reliable and fast service to its customers must be properly designed, sized and scalable both in terms of capacity as well as a service that should provide. Our solutions can be sized to small companies with basic needs and large the most demanding users who want to use different ways to communicate with customers, such as Web-Chat, Mail, Voice-over-Web, etc. This complex communication system requires serious planning and expertise, TND TeamSolutions is able to fully meet the requirements of customers with special emphasis on providing support for the period after installation as necessary services for this important service of a company.

Video / Audio Conference - Audio / Video conferencing can help organizations using the new technique as facilitate the cooperation of employees and communication with business partners. Around the world, companies overcome great distances using secure communication channels such as voice and video in order to increase productivity, quickly react to the new situation in the business and reduce travel costs. TND TeamSolutions provides its business partners  flexible solutions for collaboration in any environment so as to provide the best user experience while at the same time guarantee the safety and reliability of communication.

Network Cabling - TND Team Solutions with his experience and using a reputable manufacturer of passive equipment for cabling and installation, can meet the most demanding requirements of our clients when it comes to release copper or optical network infrastructure. This is a segment in the communications architecture that has to be given special attention because of its quality depends on the quality of the whole communication.